DRDB! 37: What's the Point If We Can't Have Fun?

Short one today because I am cruising the highways of Los Angeles and looking at apartments. At least I have a cool car and a good pair of sunglasses.

  1. What's the point if we can't have fun? (The Baffler)
    On the emergence of consciousness, and the purpose of playfulness (and how playfulness could be a purpose in itself).

  2. Your Dream Job Is a Myth (Slate)
    “Rather than thinking in terms of “dream jobs,” job seekers would do far better to look for ‘interesting possibilities’ and ‘openings I’d like to learn more about.’ These more-grounded frameworks, which preserve a healthy skepticism and leave the idealizing out of it, will keep your head out of the clouds.”

  3. The Highway Was Supposed to Save This City. Can Tearing It Down Fix the Sins of the Past? (Jalopnik)

  4. Please use proper citation when discussing bloodthirsty human/reptile chimeras (The Outline)
    Creepy Wikipedia is good.

hugz and kissez

DRDB! 35: Too Much Damn Content

Except in this email

Short and sweet and almost not political at all.

  1. Crowdsourcing Justice (Texas Monthly)
    How the Innocence Project and an army of podcast fans freed a wrongfully imprisoned man.

  2. There’s Too Much Damn Content, and Slick UX Design Is Making it Worse (AIGA Eye on Design)

  3. 'Nightmare' Bushwick Sinkhole Swallows Car (Gothamist)
    Taking this opportunity to link to my favorite episode of PBS television.

  4. Beyoncé Is Great, Beyoncé’s Diet Is Bad (Vice)
    Please eat more than 1,000 calories a day.

  5. Humans have used more resources than Planet Earth can regenerate in a year (CNN)
    July 29th was Earth Overshoot Day, the earliest it has ever been.

  6. Vienna Beef Chicago Hot Dog Hats (Vienna Beef)
    The only perfect hat.


DRDB! 34: In Space, No One Can Hear You Pee

Here’s a big mess of good things, like this thread about peeing in space:

“Their family bought land one generation after slavery. The Reels brothers spent eight years in jail for refusing to leave it.” (ProPublica)

Ten of the kinkiest science-fiction novels you’ll ever read. (io9)

Tiny Apartments and Punishing Work Hours: The Economic Roots of Hong Kong’s Protests (NYT)

Tip your delivery worker in cash (Oversharing, a great newsletter about the sharing economy)

Why plants don’t die from cancer (The Conversation)

XOXO and have a GREAT weekend. Get outside, feel the breeze, befriend a tree.

DRDB! 33: Do Something Once, It's Weird. Do It Thirty-Three Times, It's a Pattern.

In solidarity with the Amazon strike, I’m stealing Whole Foods’ public wifi without purchasing anything. It’s nothing to them, of course, but small protests count. Start adding them up. Fill that jar with pennies and throw it at some asshole’s car.

Respect this week to Rip Torn and Barry Sanders. Respect to the good words of Elizabeth Warren and Frank Chimero.

Much love to Stereolab’s classic album Emperor Tomato Ketchup (they’re a weird group, the awkward and beautiful child of french electropop and krautrock jam bands). Motoroller Scalatron is an all-timer.


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