DRDB! 35: Too Much Damn Content

Except in this email

Short and sweet and almost not political at all.

  1. Crowdsourcing Justice (Texas Monthly)
    How the Innocence Project and an army of podcast fans freed a wrongfully imprisoned man.

  2. There’s Too Much Damn Content, and Slick UX Design Is Making it Worse (AIGA Eye on Design)

  3. 'Nightmare' Bushwick Sinkhole Swallows Car (Gothamist)
    Taking this opportunity to link to my favorite episode of PBS television.

  4. Beyoncé Is Great, Beyoncé’s Diet Is Bad (Vice)
    Please eat more than 1,000 calories a day.

  5. Humans have used more resources than Planet Earth can regenerate in a year (CNN)
    July 29th was Earth Overshoot Day, the earliest it has ever been.

  6. Vienna Beef Chicago Hot Dog Hats (Vienna Beef)
    The only perfect hat.