DRDB! 27: The Women's World Cup Is Here

U! S! A! U! S! A! (goes streaking)

The United States might be an awful nation run by racist clowns but it is always worth getting excited for the US Women’s soccer team. They’re immensely talented, they’re ranked #1 in the world, and I love them. And soccer in general is often great! Look at this recent Zlatan goal! It is a gift to us all.

  1. The Women’s World Cup Starts Friday (ESPN)
    Games will be broadcast on Fox/Fox Sports. Which teams will be the most fun to watch? These teams. Who are the best players? These players. Are sexism, corruption and abuse still major problems for the women’s game? YEP.

  2. “The Trump Organization does money laundering.” (twitter/Michael Caley)
    If the Trump Org’s goal is to build profitable developments, they are very bad at this. Their projects fail all the time. But that doesn’t seem to matter. The Trump Org takes their cut first, from licensing and sales fees, regardless of the success of the building. So why do these projects happen at all? And why do so many people buy in? Because the benefit is not in having a profitable building, it is in providing legitimate cover for shady money. If you have a pile of cash from, say, criminal activity or fraud, you can route it to a Trump development by a shell corporation. If the building succeeds, great, you own legitimate real estate. If it fails, great, you now have a “clean” pile of cash refunded from a failed real estate project that banks and authorities won’t question as much. For shady investors, it’s a win-win.

  3. The Democratic Party Is Waging a War Against Its Own Base (GQ)
    Gonna beat this drum until election day: GET VOTERS TO THE POLLS. GET. OUT. THE. VOTE. Especially non-white voters and young voters. That’s it. Every democrat who thinks their target demographic is centrist white “swing voters” is dooming their campaign. Wisconsin did not magically turn Republican in 2016, the voters who won the state for Obama did not show up for Hillary. Get those voters to show up or else. Stepping up to the plate against racism would sure help.

  4. Mike Huckabee built an ugly beach house and is now trying to claim ownership of the public beach in front of it (Mother Jones)
    What a prick. Some consolation: “If Huckabee’s house doesn’t get flattened by a hurricane first, sea-level prediction maps suggest that it is likely to get flooded regularly over the next 20 years by worsening storm surges.”

  5. The First Film Footage of a Total Solar Eclipse, Circa 1900 (Kottke.org)

  6. Why Is Infrastructure So Expensive to Build in New York? (Intelligencer)
    The Second Avenue Subway might be the most expensive subway line ever built, but the G train is good for carrying soup. That’s something.

  7. Russian trolls fueled anti-vaccination debate in U.S. by spreading misinformation on Twitter, study finds (CBS News)
    Biological warfare over the internet.

  8. 30 Helens agree: Millennials aren’t really different from previous generations, just significantly poorer (Business Insider)
    I came of age during an economic downturn, and all I got was this lousy avocado toast. Please lord give us the $2 trillion green manufacturing plan.

  9. Danielle Steel works 20 hours a day, but is that to be envied? (The Guardian)
    Alternatively: who cares if I get anywhere?

  10. The Sweetgreen-ification of Society (The Margins/Medium)
    “Search is personalized. Feeds are algorithmic. There aren’t really true common spaces. But now you’re living in Facebook-like filtering for the duration of your lunch break.”

  11. Live. Laugh. Love. Why? (The Outline)
    The number of ‘Live, Laugh, Love’-branded items available for purchase on Etsy: 9,347.

  12. What’s the first disco song? (NPR)