DRDB! 26: Hurry On Home

Sleater-Kinney released a new single (produced by St. Vincent with a video by Miranda July) and it’s a Big Mood.

  1. September 20th: Global Strike Against Climate Change (Guardian)
    Mark your calendars! Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Margaret Atwood, Noam Chomsky, Rebecca Solnit, Mark Ruffalo, and many others are calling for a strike. It’s on a Friday.

  2. Breaking: Nobody Knows What’s Going to Happen in 2020 (The Cut)
    “As soon as we admit that the ‘narrative’ is yet unwritten, and that what makes someone ‘electable’ is doing the work of electing them, and that none of us knows what’s ahead, we will all be more scared. And here’s the only thing I know for sure: that is exactly what we should be.” Don’t wait for the consensus to take shape. Shape the consensus. I’m fully on board Team Warren right now because I like her policies, she can generate real enthusiasm across different groups of voters, and she can win town halls and debates. I also think her strategy is working.

  3. How Joe Biden’s Policies Made the Opioid Crisis Harder to Treat (Politico)
    On the flip side: it’s time to put an end to this “tough on crime/war on drugs” bullshit that is still hurting thousands of people.

  4. Tina Fey Interviews Phoebe Waller-Bridge (GQ)
    Fleabag season 2. FLEABAG SEASON 2. GQ, I understand you have to make money by putting this behind a weird digital magazine paywall, but COME ON.

  5. I’m terrified of parenting in the anti-vaxxer age (The Outline)
    “‘The world belongs to those who show up.’ This was a saying used by Hells Angels, who lobbied successfully against motorcycle helmet laws; they triumphed by organizing, petitioning, and calling their representatives. ‘The anti-vaccine movement is more passionate,’ Frank said. ‘They show up. They generate anxiety among parents who may not have thought they were anxious before.’”

  6. Why Millennials’ Political Awakening Could Bury Trump in 2020 (Intelligencer)
    Here’s a bunch of demographic data about how millennials could swing the 2020 election IF THEY SHOW UP TO VOTE. SO SHOW UP TO VOTE. AND YELL AT PEOPLE WHO DO NOT VOTE.

  7. Mac Open Web
    “A collection of open and indie Mac, iOS, and web apps that help promote the open web.” Get to know your useful/free software options.

  8. "If more adults commuted with their friends, and their friends said something that's lit, adults would be loud too" (WNYC)

  9. How a banana-chicken casserole became a beloved Swedish comfort food (The Takeout)
    Sweden is weird, y’all.