DRDB! 25: Attention Is the Beginning of Devotion

This one is all over the place

No introduction nonsense today, just a perfect 53-second beat track.

  1. Attention Is the Beginning of Devotion (The Atlantic)
    Appreciating Mary Oliver’s poetry in the age of distraction. She is the patron saint of noticing, of caring attention. And since we’re all struggling with perfectionism, remember: you do not have to be good. (These Mary Oliver links lovingly stolen from Austin Kleon)

  2. Rebecca Traister: "Our Fury Over Abortion Was Dismissed for Decades As Hysterical" (The Cut)
    “First, never again let anyone tell you that the fury or determination to fight on this account is invalid, inappropriate, or inconvenient to a broader message. Consider that this is also what women and marginalized people are told all the time about their anger in general: that they should not express it, not let it out, because to give voice to their rage will distract from their aims, undermine them; that it will ultimately be bad for them. This messaging is strategic. It is designed to get angry people to keep their mouths shut. Because if they are successfully stifled, they will remain at the margins, isolated, alone in their fury. It is only if they start letting it out and acting on it and working in tandem with others who share their outrage that they might begin to form networks, coalitions, the building blocks of movements; it is when the anger is let loose that the organizing happens in earnest.”

  3. Be a Pal, My Dudes (Erika Hall/Medium)
    A short guide to being an ally (i.e. a feminist ally, i.e. a person who helps reduce the impact of gender bias) in the workplace. Pair that with the NYT story “Women Did Everything Right. Then Work Got Greedy.” and you have a pretty damn good intro lesson on the difficulties women face in the workplace (the white collar, college-educated workplace, just to be specific).

  4. GOOD NEWS: "Fleabag Season 2 Is a Revelation" (The Ringer)
    “Look at me. Listen. People are all we’ve got. Now grab the night by its nipples and go flirt with someone.”

  5. The Night the Lights Went Out (Deadspin)
    Drew Magary, whose writing is sometimes Too Magary For My Taste but is other times good-ass fiction, suffered a surprise brain hemorrhage back in December. This is his write-up of his recovery. It’s not a dark reflection on mortality, it’s Drew Magary, self-professed asshole, spending weeks in the hospital. It’s almost too immature and fun to be about a horrible brush with death.

  6. Austerity Helps Nazis Win (Vox)
    When austerity measures start hurting people (in this case, during the middle of a global depression), voters tend to flock to populist movements. In Germany during the 1930s, lower classes voted more often for the Communists, while middle and upper classes shifted toward the Nazis. Both parties ran against austerity measures. Nazis just promised more gains for the elites.

  7. Neus Català: HERO (twitter/cjane87)
    “She survived two concentration camps, including Ravensbrück, rescued 182 orphans, and fought fascists.”

  8. Reagan Ray’s collection of retro airline logos (Reagan Ray)
    My fave is probably Pacific Seaboard. All of these are *chef kiss*

  9. Power? No, Thanks, I'm Good. (NYT)
    Tim Kreider’s essay on seeking personal freedom, not power over others, crystallizes something I haven’t really put words to before. I’m not competitive. I am not greatly ambitious or greedy or vain (says the guy who writes a vanity newsletter). I don’t want to control or dominate. I just want a corner of this place to call my own, and to have my own decent time there.

  10. America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals. (NYT)
    A second legitimately-good piece from the NYT opinion page. I am generally very critical of NYT’s op-ed section, and all op-ed bullshit the world over, but these two are rare standouts. Urban housing is going to be a huge issue for us (even moreso after some coastal territory becomes unlivable thanks to climate change). We have to stop the NIMBY shit (and SF is doooooomed).

  11. Don’t Let People Enjoy Things: Common Sense Against the Meme (The Baffler)
    Kate Wagner: “You can still enjoy things while being critical of them—it can even lead to a greater appreciation of societal and historical context, and it can make you usefully wary of the role the shit forces of the world play in the media we consume.”

  12. Buy the Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Seasoning (or the OG Tajin brand). Put it on popcorn. Put it on meat, fish, avocado, whatever you have. It won’t save your life but it will improve it in countless spicy, delicious ways.