DRDB! 24: Five Dance Videos

The fourth and final Synth Season playlist, and a bunch of other good stuff

Jungle has made a whole YouTube career out of slick music videos with great dance routines. “Busy Earnin’” is an all-time great. It’s a proven antidepressant and the only side effect is wanting to try those moves yourself.

  1. Synth Season #4: The Winter of Our Synth Content (Spotify)
    The fourth and final Synth Season playlist. The cycle is COMPLETE.

  2. An Interview with Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Waves, Women on Web, and Aid Access (The Outline)
    In light of Alabama’s near-total ban on abortion, an interview with a Dutch doctor going above and beyond the call to help women. Steph Herold published a really thorough state-by-state list of orgs to donate to, if you’re interested.

  3. Nick Cave Is a Good Seed (The Red Hand Files)
    Musician Nick Cave (either you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of all those great Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds records or you haven’t, I don’t know how to introduce his whole darkly-charismatic thing to someone beyond linking to “Into My Arms” and saying “if you get it, you get it”) writes a Q&A newsletter, and it’s good. This week’s installment is about grief and loneliness and turning our attentions outward to people who need attention and a world that needs attention. It’s a knockout.

  4. Meet Aerospace Engineer Judith Love Cohen (Kottke)
    She was “an engineer who worked on the Pioneer, Apollo, and Hubble missions, an author & publisher of books about women in STEM and environmentalism in the 90s, a ballet dancer with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company, an advocate for better treatment of women in the workplace, and actor Jack Black’s mother.”

  5. Joe Biden Is Not a Blue-Collar Candidate (Jacobin)
    More of my favorite nakedly-leftist politics. It’s fun to dunk on Joe Biden. He’s fine when he’s America’s goofy, ice cream-loving uncle. He’s less fine when he’s trying to take charge of the whole family during a very difficult time.

  6. 'I see any dinosaur, I buy it': at home with the embattled owner of the Flintstone house (The Guardian)
    “Florence Fang’s colorful home is a landmark for many in California’s Bay Area. But the town of Hillsborough is suing her, declaring the property a ‘public nuisance’”

  7. Children Change Their Parents' Minds About Climate Change (Scientific American)
    We must teach the children well because we’re already facing grim news. Louisiana just unveiled a new plan for dealing with climate change and rising sea levels: get thousands of people out of way. We’re already into the “try to mitigate disaster” phase of climate change. Welcome, everyone.

  8. I'm Upset: "Eating Healthy" Is Too Much Work (The Outline)
    “I have experienced the benefits of healthy eating and I cannot believe I must keep this up for the rest of my life.”

  9. Why do some sci-fi twist endings fail? (Vintage Geek Culture)
    “According to Rod Serling, every story has three parts: proposal, argument, and conclusion. Proposal is where you express the idea the story will go over, like, ‘are humans violent and self destructive?’ Argument is where the characters go back and forth on this, and conclusion is where you answer the question the story raised in a definitive and clear fashion.”

  10. Otherworldly Photos of Empty Amusement Parks in China (Culture Trip)
    Stefano Cerio often visited these parks at the crack of dawn to avoid people. They look like fun, assuming you can escape the Chinese surveillance state for a while.

  11. Report: U.S. Navy Cracks Case Of Majestic Sky Dick (Deadspin)