DRDB! 18: Giannis for the People

More delightful people, less tech bullshit.

The Milwaukee Bucks, a professional basketball team most people forget exists, have the best record in the NBA this year. They hired a good coach who smartly rebuilt the team around Giannis Antetokounmpo, a 6’11” do-everything all-star who will likely win the MVP award. He was born in Greece to Nigerian parents, was paperless and stateless until he gained Greek citizenship at 18 (because he was gaining fame and entering the NBA draft, not because Greece suddenly became generous with the children of immigrants), and he’s a total freakin’ sweetheart. I love this guy.

  1. From ADHD to endometriosis, women are often misdiagnosed. Why? The world was made for men. (The Lily)
    An excerpt from Caroline Criado Perez’s new book Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men.

  2. Lyft Was Full of Shit and Now It's Stinking Rich (Jalopnik)
    “Despite never making money and failing to accomplish any of the corporate goals they have outlined, they are now billionaires. They bluffed and bullshitted their way to $87.24 a share and a roughly $30 billion valuation. And they’ll be back in New York court soon arguing why they can’t pay their drivers a minimum wage.”

  3. A Tortoise Stakeout with Patricia Lockwood (The Paris Review)
    This newsletter is also a branch of the official Patricia Lockwood fan club.

  4. Heaven or High Water: Selling Miami's last 50 years (Popula)
    A writer goes real estate shopping in Miami, a city that will flood with rising seawater in the coming decades. Surprise: the real estate agents are optimistic.

  5. Why "Doing Nothing" Is the Best Self-Care for the Internet Era (GQ)
    Jenny Odell: “One thing that is important to me is: was there a time in the day when you were fully aware of the fact that you're alive? Were there even five or ten minutes where I was able to drop out of the stream of productive time? A lot of time it's just closely observing something. If you're really lost in observing something, you lose yourself. You're just very aware of that thing and those are moments where it's like, ‘Oh right, this isn't just the same day over and over again. This is today. It's one of a finite number of days I will be alive.’”

  6. These idiots fighting over a parking space for 2 hours is the hottest new spectator sport (SB Nation)

  7. Cooking from Anthony Bourdain's "Les Halles Cookbook:" Finding pleasures in Boeuf Bourguignon (The Takeout)
    Kevin Pang spent a week preparing dishes from Anthony Bourdain’s French bistro cookbook. He found a trove of simple French classics “expunged of bullshit.” I’m putting this book in my kitchen.

  8. YouTube Executives Ignored Warnings, Letting Toxic Videos Run Rampant (Bloomberg)
    YouTube seriously needs to clean house. This is embarrassing and DARK.

  9. Time Is a Flat Ferris Wheel: The Enduring Legacy of ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ (The Ringer)
    “A video game created a fantasy so vivid that young engineers now acknowledge it as a core influence on the dream worlds they’re building for the rest of us.”

  10. Jia Tolentino explores the WikiHow entry “How to Grind” (twitter/@jiatolentino)

A moment of respect for Agnès Varda, France’s best export for many years.