DRDB! 15: You Can Pet the Dog

Short letter this week because I was spending time outdoors in sunny, warm weather and oh H*CK it was good.

The Left Hand of Darkness at Fifty (Paris Review)

The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles (Man Repeller)
“You don’t have to monetize your joy… The cult of busyness is one of the most toxic aspects of our culture.”

“Your brain wants an hour on and fifteen minutes off.” (Quartz)
Give. Yourself. Breaks.

How Apple's Enterprise App Program Became the New Wild West of Mobile Apps (The Verge)
Definitely do NOT go authorizing some shady company to put insecure software on your phone, no matter how great it would be to have a GameBoy emulator on there.

Estimated 8,000 more bottles of ranch dressing cleaned up after I-70 truck crash last week (Herald Mail)
You can tell the news cycle is broken when a ranch dressing truck accident hardly even gets covered.

Do You Know What’s In Your Cosmetics? (NYT)
“The American cosmetics industry is a $70 billion-a-year behemoth. The Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors has an annual budget of just $8 million and 27 staff members. The laws governing the office’s authority run just two pages long and have not been updated since 1938, when they were first enacted.”

Can You Pet the Dog? (Twitter)
Asking the most important question of our video games: can you pet the dog?

Heaven Can Wait: The Hidden Genius of Elaine May (The Ringer)
Elaine May has been killing it since the 1950s.